Federation of European Zeolite Associations


FEZA Board meeting

On 14 April, 2021, the FEZA Board, together with 8th FEZA Conference Organizing Committee members (OC), have an videoconference meeting concerning the details of proposed action.
Present FEZA Board members: R. Bell (UK), J. Bronić (HR), S. Coman (RO), G. Giordano (IT), R. Gläser (DE), K. Hadjiivanov (BG), P. Hudec (SK), I. Ivanova (RUS), S. Mintova (FR), M. Opanasenko (CZ), V. Rakić (RS), D. Serrano (ES), A. Valente (PT), N. Zubokovec Logar (SI).
Absent FEZA Board members: D. Majda (PL), I. Palinko (HU) and P. Pescarmona (NL - excused due to University obligations)
Present OC members: P. Wright, R. Taylor
Here is summary of FEZA Board decisions:
- For 8th FEZA Conference - FEZA offers 51 grants for PhD students (3 for each Country associated to FEZA). In order to facilitate the choice of the grants winners each member of FEZA Board, with the help of Board of National Zeolite Association organize the evaluation of the applications.
- The Board confirm the Cronstedt Award rules “is assigned to an individual or group working in Europe ……. with significant scientific impact during the six years prior to the nomination deadline”. Hence the time period to be considered for the next Cronstedt Award (9th FEZA Congress in Portorose 2023) from March 2017 to March 2023
- The rules for FEZA PhD Prize for 9th FEZA Congress in Portorose 2023 are confirmed (time period January 2020 – December 2022). The rules concerning the time period for the valid publication will be defined in the next meetings
- The web platform for new election of FEZA officials will be chosen among tested in May.

The 8th FEZA Conference go virtual.

It will be held online 4-7 July 2021. More about conference at this web pages

Cronstedt's Award

The third Cronstedt's Award is granted to prof. Wieslaw J. Roth (Jagiellonian University, Poland) and prof. Jiří Čejka (Charles University, Czech Republic) for their substantial contributions to the fundamental aspects of synthesis and understanding of two-dimensional motifs/layers in zeolites.

The Award will be delivered when circumstences - regarding covid 19 pandemia - alow live meeting.

The best PhD - prize

The award 'The Best PhD' is granted to Dr. Lauren McHugh, who complete her PhD at the University of St Andrews in December 2019.
As a part of prize, Dr McHugh will have oral presentation of her work at 8th FEZA Conference, and payed fee for attendance.

Student grants

Due to the situation caused by coronavirus and fact that 8th FEZA Conference is online (virtual), Student grants for covering of student fee (60 GBP) for 8th FEZA Conference will be granted to 51 students!
Application form and instructions can be found at the Student grants section.
The students already applied for grant, need to confirme that thay are still interasted to have presentation at virtual conference (enough is email confirmation of presentation from 8th FEZA Conference organizers).
The students who did not sent abstract to 8th FEZA Virtual Conference, still can attend Conference by sending Recent Report to organizers and obtain confirmation of acceptance.
Deadline for sending application for student grants is 19 May 2021. Notification of obtaining student grant will be announced at FEZA web pages before 29 May 2021.


The 5th Euro-Asian Zeolite Conference will be held in Busan, South Korea, is postponed to 2022! More about meeting at: 5EAZC.

Jobs offered

12 postdoctoral positions were offered by Imdea Energy Institute. More at this link.

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