Federation of European Zeolite Associations

Annocements of the Conferences, Schools and Workshops in Science of Micro- and Mesoporous Materials

Itallian zeolite association (AIZ) announce the 4th International Conference on Nanotechnology Based Innovative Applications for the Environment which will be held in Salerno (Italy) in March 2021.
The chairman of the conference is Paolo Ciambelli emeritus professor of Salerno University, past president of AIZ and for many years member of the FEZA Board. More about conference at www.aidic.it/nine2021/. Deadline for abstract submission is 25 October 2020.

On behalf of the Czech Zeolites Association folowing meetings are scheduled:

25-27.5.2020 - Liblice - School on catalysis. - Postponed to 2021.

22-25.6.2020 - Workshop on Synthesis of Zeolites link is here. - Postponed for 1 month.

8-11.9.2020 - Workshop on Low dimensional materials link is here.

3-6.11. 2020 – Workshop on “Water in Zeolites” link is here.