Federation of European Zeolite Associations


In the Name of FEZA:

The Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA) created in January 1996, consisting of 17 National Zeolite Associations (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, UK) has taken the following decision in strong support of Ukraine and all people suffering from the horrible war

National Zeolite Associations within the FEZA wholeheartedly approved the measure to suspend Russia from FEZA, and to promote other activities of the scientific community in support of Ukraine.

Our resolution is taken to support the peace, and in opposition to war and the suffering of the people in Ukraine.

We hope for an immediate stop to this war and a peaceful future for Europe. Let us stand together for a peaceful worldwide community and for the sake of our future generations.

We do believe that Russian people are also victims of their government and our action is not against them.

The Russian scientists are not responsible for this war but we as a European research community express our opinion now. The aggression against Ukraine decided by the government of Russia reflects on all of us!

The objectives of FEZA are to improve communication and collaboration between researchers in Europe for the benefit of the public and therefore we decided to:

1. Suspend the membership of Russia from FEZA.

2. Become a promoter for other European initiatives reflecting the opinion of other European scientific communities by:

- official statement on the FEZA website

- state our strong support in papers currently in press

- express our support during meetings, conferences.

3. FEZA solidarity scholarship will be provided to a Ukrainian early career researcher to attend a conference in the field of porous materials.

Italian Zeolite Association - AIZ announce availability of AIZ Solidarity Grants for Ukrainian students to attend IZC preconference School in Valencia (Spain), 1-2 July 2022. Her you can find more about call and about Application form.

If you have any suggestions for web pages or content improvement, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to info@feza-online.eu.